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Friday, November 9, 2012

Your daughters are amazing...

Your daughters are strong.

Your daughters are letting Africa sift through their pores as they undertake this massive journey. They are traveling through rugged terrain - both geographical and personal. They are learning about technical academic facts - mathematical equations, historical dates of significance, and the parts of a thesis statement. They are learning about Africa - how colonization affects modern day politics, the influences of apartheid, and how to greet someone in Zulu. They are learning about each other - how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflict, and how to authentically support each other. They are learning about themselves - asking themselves, "why am I?" "Why does this matter?" and "How is it important to me?"

After spending a rich week with TTS20, I can tell you that your daughters are strong. They have learned to travel, to study, to explore, and to laugh. They shared their stories and their journey with us over long dinners on the Indian Ocean with the sea breeze in our hair. Your daughters are amazing...

Right now, I am on the last day of the Campus Visit and Parent Trip with the most supportive and open group of parents you could imagine. The returning parents will be sharing their photos and insights over the next week as we return to the US via different itineraries, and as the TTS20 girls slowly traverse South Africa en route to Cape Town. Enjoy what the returning parents have to share - and I will happily share my own photos when I return to Montana next week.

Lots of hugs to you all from the girls on this side of the globe.. and thank you for sharing your daughters with us.

All the best,

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