TTS20 on Safari

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello to all parents of TTS 20.  We are recently returned from the parent's trip in South Africa.  To all the parents who where there, thank you for your companionship.  We want the thank Gen and all the teachers.  What they do is so amazing it is an inspiration.  It was an adventure that we enjoyed sharing with all of you.  For us, it was a truly awesome experience.  To those parents that could not go, I want to give you our take on the girls.  In a word, the girls are strong.  We had the impression that they had gained a good deal of confidence and strength.   This does not quite convey the full picture, however.  We had the overwhelming feeling that the girls felt that they could do anything they set their minds to.  And, I believe that to be true.   Many times I have been asked what effect the TTS has had on our daughter.  What I say most often is that it will be extremely difficult for anyone to tell her she cannot do something.  I think this may be the case for many of your daughters.  Add to that a new compassion for other human beings and a knowledge they are fortunate.  I believe this will result in some amazing and kind young women.   I also want you to know that in choosing the traveling school, you chose very, very well.  Best wishes to you all.   We all look forward to the coming return of our daughters. 

Bruce & Jen Wilson

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