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Friday, November 30, 2012

Finishing Up TTS20

TTS 20 is busy, busy, busy - whether preparing homemade delicious meals, studying for exams, or squeezing in town time we are on the run!  In true TTS style we geared up for a big adventure into the city with our lunches packed and possibles bag loaded, only to have all plans scratched mid-train ride.  Ahh... the first rainy day in a couple of weeks.
But we couldn't just scrap the day - so we re-routed our plans and instead of taking a train, bus, and boat to a museum - we opted for a different direction and hopped off the train for a walking adventure through Capetown.  We toured District 6 Museum with Joe, a tour guide who lived through the changing times of District 6 and was relocated out to a township on the outskirts of town.  He told an uplifting story of his journey and amazed us all once again to accept forgiveness from the past mentality of the Apartheid government. 

After the museum we had to dive into the markets and soak in the boisterous atmosphere of the bartering lifestyle.  Math Concepts gals embarked on a inquisitive shopping quest, seeking answers economic based questions - what items sold the best, how does the price range vary depending on the customer, are you the designer of your goods or part of a cooperative, etc.  TTS 20 gals are astute conversationalists and were able to gather a plethora of information.
Now we are deep in final exams.  Pencils are constantly moving and review sheets are filling with hints and problem solving tactics.  Although we all have a little stress, we laugh it out constantly with jokes, impressions and stories of our journey.  We are busy trying to embrace every last adventure together and soak in the last of the African sun.
This weekend will be full of transition talks and last minute adventures.  The countdown is happening in whispered voices amidst hugs.
Aunge and crew

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