TTS20 on Safari

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving to all of TTS20!!!

I'm so grateful that I was able to travel to Africa and to see my beautiful daughter Megan S. and to meet all of her wonderful traveling companions.  What an amazing adventure you all are having.  And while I miss having Megan home, I am grateful that she is able to have this experience.

These young women will return marked by the beauty of Africa and the inner strength that they have found on the road.

Parents- it was a privilege to meet of each of your daughters and share some of their experiences and to listen to their stories.

Teachers- Thank you for you your round the clock caring, enthusiasm, and commitment to make this extraordinary trip happen.  The energizer bunny has nothing on you all.

Gen- thanks for the vision and the follow through to create this program.

And a big thanks to the TTS staff in Montana that work the magic behind the scenes.

Nancy L.  Thanks for being open to traveling with a stranger (me) to Botswana.  What a fabulous time that was and I'm appreciative of having had a fun traveling companion to share that leg of the trip.

And thank you to my husband who was willing to mind the store while I was out jaunting around Africa.

Mary S.

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