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Monday, October 8, 2012

The (sometimes challenging) Art of Beach Shopping

Shopping Shopping Shopping! This week we have been at the Barra Resort and we have had some of the best beach shopping yet. So how a beach shop goes is you first need to have small bills tucked into your third pocket easily accessible. Next, you simply plop down right by the waters edge in the warm sun and wait about five to ten minutes. There you will have a small local Neimen Marcus surrounding you. With the local men who are now your personal shoppers and go to guys for a different sizes you have a massive selection of clothing. Once you have sat down, the fun begins. You start sifting through many bright patterned pants, shorts, and shirts that are made by the grandmothers of the men who are selling them. 
So you have chosen the pair of pants that you want to buy and now comes the hard part: the bartering. The key to this is to start with a price that is lower than what you are going to spend. This way you can go up from there and still not spend more that you want. To get a really good price takes some time so we are all masters  at planning our time accordingly. Pants usually start at 250 meticais,

$250 Meticais
which is so ridiculous considering the fact that is about 8 dollars when they are worth about 2. You need to exaggerate and say, “No way how are you going to charge me that much? I am a student and don’t have that much money.” This usually works or you can go down to the root of, "No no no! I got a very similar pair of pants for 100 from another guy." Using these tactics, you can get a price that is more work for what you are getting. If the situation is not going well, then you simply start up a conversation which will go on for a while and is usually really interesting. So now you have created this friendship which is genuine, and he is really OK with selling you the pants for 150. Then you agree, hand him the money, and he gives you a hard shake and sometimes, if he really liked doing business with you, he gives you something for free. As the sale is complete the instantaneous Neimans starts to pack up and you are left with the most vibrant pair of pants.

Jane, Senior, Colorado

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