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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mozambique Musings

Twitter Poems from some Lit & Comp students:

Waking up to pristine coastline crystal clear and bright teal everyday for a month in Mozambique was out of control, the environment here is amazing and the attitude of people here are what I want to aspire to, only in Africa. ~Abby

Learning to surf, trying to scuba, and swimming with dolphins, are all once in a life time opportunities  but we experienced them all within two weeks! - McKinley

Listening to the waves crash along the coast at night, then waking up to run on the beach and scuba dive in the water. ~~Payton

Scuba Diving and surfing along miles of coastline; then, classes and malaria day in the pouring rain!!!! Mozambique has been a water-world of unforgettable experiences. -Alexandra

Mozambique was full of sunshine, warm coastline and friendly people all while we became scuba certified, shopped in colorful markets, and learned how to surf! - Megan S.

Fell asleep to the sound of the rhythmic waves of the Indian Ocean, embarked on an underwater fantasy, shopped in vibrant markets in search of the perfect pants and Mozambique! - Lily

Coming to the pristine coasts of Barra Mozambique and becoming a certified scuba diver is easily my favorite part of our ongoing African adventure. Learning, growing and exploring in this sun covered, culture rich country is now a something I could not imagine living without. -Kelly

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MARY said...

It sounds amazing. I started looking at the cost of buying beach front property in Mozambique!!! Very affordable but not convenient to home.