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Monday, October 8, 2012

The Key

Background: Every day in the beginning of Lit class, we are assigned a random topic to write about in our journals – here's a peak into mine!

Within a key is mountains of mystery stretching beyond colliding horizons. A key has the ability to unlock the secrets, passageways and opportunities that are hidden in a castle far, far away. They allow us to suit up in shining armor and go on a mighty quest to discover the hidden treasure within ourselves. A key gives us the strength to unleash our fears, and desires and face them head on. They unlock the door to the cobble stone road leading to a fork where we must choose which direction to follow. But that is not all the power that a key has. A key can ignite the vessel that will take us to a place where we have stowed our precious memories in fear of the emotions they may evoke. They give us the permission to let those emotions roam wild on a familiar path lined with cherry blossom trees.
We all have unique keys. It can be a friend or a family member, or whoever, or whatever allows us to open up and expose our full spectrum. So you see, a key can be any shape and can lead us down any path. So I am now asking you – what is your key, and where is it leading you?

Lily, Junior, Maine

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