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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why is this blog private?

You’ll note that this blog is restricted to blog authors. That means that no one else can read or post on it during the semester. Why?

The reason is simple: safety. We care deeply about the girls and their adventure. We want to live vicariously through all of their escapades.  It is wonderful to read about Algebra midterms under the shade of a mango tree, or about a surf lesson that went awry. And we want to enjoy these stories with the girls and share in their adventures.

But, we don’t want the world to share in their adventures, just yet. The world is a big place – and with the online world, it is even bigger.  So, you’ll notice that we err on the side of caution with The Traveling School. We write about general regions and areas. We don’t include specifics. Why? Because the story is just as strong without knowing the exact location of the event.

And, we ask that you do the same to protect our girls and their adventure during the semester. If TTS20 is doing a service project with Ninos Elementrary Escola in Vilanculus, Mozambique during the third week of November – we ask that you share that she is on the coast of Mozambique doing service. Of course, you can always offer specifics to your relatives and friends in personal emails – we just request that you are aware of omitting specifics for all social media. You’ll notice that the girls won’t “tag” each other in photos during the semester, for the same reasons.

We teach the girls to use their status updates to promote social change and to affect their worlds. We can all do this during the semester. Please – talk about The Traveling School and encourage people to visit our website. Please – talk about the issues the girls will be studying this semester, including malaria, human rights, and the happiness index. Please – connect with other people in the TTS world to better understand how this all works. And, please – keep specific locations off the radar.

After the semester, this all becomes public and we open the blog for everyone to see. But, during the semester, let’s give the girls their own adventure which is reserved just for them!  

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