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Monday, August 27, 2012

News from Zambia

Some notes from Aunge:

On Friday, the girls loved the first day of classes. I think I heard every girl say how excited they are for classes this semester. Always a good feeling out here while we start up the academics!

We had our first town time in mentor groups on Saturday - pretty successful and the girls are excited for more time.  We did a browse through the market to see the goods before going to the ATM for a no pressure shopping experience [and easier on the pocketbooks too!]

We visited the local orphanage on Sunday, and the girls didn't hesitate with interactions.  They were quickly playing basketball, braiding hair (or rather having their hair braided), or playing fun games with the kids.  The TTS girls laughed contagiously and weren’t fazed by the language barrier.  Many games were demonstrated with a few words while the kids chattered away in Tonga and Lozi.  Some of our girls were treated to a fashion show by some of the older girls at the orphanage. Shannon remarked, “The orphanage yesterday was wonderful –brave, lovely young women in this group.”

A trip to incredible Victoria Falls was slated from Monday, and then Wednesday and Thursday will be filled with classes and volunteering with African Impact. 

Look for a blog update with more details from the teachers in the very near future!


Jennifer Wilson said...

Sounds fantastic! So glad everyone is getting great experiences!

MARY said...

Thanks for the update. It is so great to have a bit of a picture of what they are experiencing!