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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Next Phone Calls: September 19th & 20th


I talked to Aunge today for our regular check-in. The group just finished their first long full day of travel-- FTD in Traveling School lingo. Long travel days can be tiring, but on Big Blue, there's room to stretch out and nap, do homework, or just zone out listening to your own music and staring out the window. It sounds like the academics are ramping up: the girls are in the process of drafting their first writing assignment in Literature and Composition, the Travel Journalism class is working on their first article, and the first oral presentations in History are beginning to be due. The group spent their days in Lusaka learning about one non-profit's attempt to eradicate Malaria and were entertained by Alexandra Fuller's parents and friends at their banana and fish plantation on the banks of the Zambezi River. Your girls are certainly keeping busy!

The group was hoping to connect via Internet yesterday with family and friends, but unfortunately, the connection went down, and instead, the girls treated themselves to some ice cream at the shopping mall! Ah well, hopefully next time. One thing Aunge and I talked about was setting up another time for parents to phone their daughters. It looks like for the remainder of Zambia, this might be the best way for you to access the group. So, we wanted to give you a heads up about the plan . . .

I will soon send out an email regarding the next phone call schedule. But, just fyi, we're planning for September 19th and 20th. In preparation for that, you might want to chat with each other on the blog about how you opted to call the TTS20 cell phone in Zambia. Did you use your cell phones or home phones? Did you try Skype? Did you try an AT&T calling card? It's great to hear and share what worked and what didn't.

Talk to you all soon!

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John C said...

Thanks for the update....WE NEED PICTURES!!!